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The cinnamon tree is of the species Cinnamomum zeylancium, genus Cinnamomum, family Lauraceae, order Laurales, class Magnoliopsida, phylum Magnoliophyta, kingdom Plantae.
The genus Ocotea belongs to the family Lauraceae and it is the largest genus of this family in Mesoamerica with 102 species (van der Werff 2002).
A seven-year study of individual variation in fruit production in tropical bird-dispersed tree species in the family Lauraceae. Pages 19-35 in A.
The exotic redbay ambrosia beetle, Xyleborus glabratus Eichhoff (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) has become a serious pest of trees of the family Lauraceae in the United States.
The Nectandra species believed to be so(d as louro preto include Nectandra mollis, Nectandra villosa and Nectandra panamensis of the Family Lauraceae. The Cordia species among those sold as louro preto reportedly include Cordia sebestena and Cordia glabrata of the Family Boraganaceae.
* Cinnamomum cecidodaphne; family Lauraceae, order Laurales
Harr., Fraedrich & Aghayeva (Ophiostomatales: Ophiostomataceae), a fungus that causes laurel wilt in plants of the family Lauraceae (Crane et al.
Beetles readily attack and transmit the lethal laurel wilt fungus to healthy redbay [Persea borbonia (L.) Spreng; Laurales: Lauraceae] and swamp bay [Persea palustris (Raf.) Sarg.], and to a lesser degree, other members of the family Lauraceae, including sassafras [Sassafras albidum (Nutt.) Nees] and avocado (Persea americana Mill.) (Fraedrich et al.
glabratus has failed to produce brood in wood from trees outside the family Lauraceae (Mayfield & Hanula 2012; Mayfield et al.
The true laurel is from the species Laurus nobilis of the Family Lauraceae, which grows near the Mediterranean Sea.
Harr., Fraedrich & Aghayeva (Ophiostomatales: Ophiostomataceae) which is extremely pathogenic to North American trees in the family Lauraceae (Fraedrich et al.
Sassafras albidum and Sassafras officinale of the family Lauraceae
This trial was performed to test the effect of a 2-layered medium structure and increased quantities of starch and yeast, as well as the effect of wood from 2 other species in the family Lauraceae, i.e., California bay laurel (Umbellularia californica (Hook.
Redbay and swampbay are the 2 ecologically important trees in the family Lauraceae that have been severely affected by laurel wilt, with over 90% mortality reported in some infested areas (Fraedrich et al.