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Among the families with sufficient sample size (n > 20), the highest prevalence was found in the family Laridae: 44.1% (15 of 44 birds) for genus Haemoproteus; in the family Scolopacidae: 20.8% (5 of 24) for Plasmodium genus; in the family Dendrocygnidae: 2.3% (1 of 43) for Leucocytozoon genus.
Damascus, (SANA) _The gull is a grey or white bird with black markings on the head or wings which usually lives near the seas and oceans, and sometimes near the internal water.Gulls (often informally called seagulls) are birds in the family Laridae.
On a total of 6306 individuals observed, gulls (family Laridae, genus Larus) were the most frequently sighted seabirds year-round in Santa Monica Bay (55.63%, n = 3508).
Of the seabirds inhabiting Santa Monica Bay, gulls (family Laridae, genus Larus) were the most often observed year-round and during the two-year study period, followed by brown pelicans, terns, grebes and shearwaters.
solitaria Wilson, solitary I O sandpiper Tryngites subruficollis I R (Vieillot), buff-breasted sandpiper Family Laridae (jaegers, gulls, terns, and skimmers) Chlidonias leucopterus (Temminck), N R white-winged tern C.