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Hickories and pecans (family Juglandaceae) consist of 18 species found in eastern and southern North America, Mexico, and southeastern Asia (Manchester, 1987; Stone, 1989).
Walnut--Any tree of the genus Juglans, family Juglandaceae. Species are tall deciduous, valuable nut and timber trees, including butternut, black walnut, Persian walnut.
Juglans neotropica, Juglans columbiensis and Juglans olonchana of the Family Juglandaceae
Carya ovata, Carya glabra, Carya tomentosa, and Carya laciniosa of the Family Juglandaceae
Its Old English name, wahl, roughly translates to "foreign." Other trees may bear the name walnut --Queensland walnut for example -- but true walnuts are confined to Juglans of the Family Juglandaceae. The species native to the United States is Juglans nigra.