family Hemiramphidae

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The present study is the first to follow the diel progression of FOM within the family Hemiramphidae. Lunar periodicity was not evident but it may have been confounded by the highly iteroparous nature of both species.
The beloniform family Hemiramphidae (garfishes or halfbeaks) are small to medium-size surface-dwelling marine, estuarine, and freshwater fishes.
F 4.12 Family Hemiramphidae F 4.12 Oxyporhamphus micropterus F 4.12 Order Perciformes Family Echeneidae MiF 3.77 Rhombochirus osteochir MiF 3.77 Family Coryphaenidae Co 5.29 Coryphaena equiselis Co 5.29 Coryphaena hippurus Co 5.29 Family Carangidae Ca 5.29 Naucrates ductor Ca 5.29 Family Gempylidae G 5.29 Gempylus serpens G 5.29 Family Scombridae MiF 5.29 Acanthocybium solandri MiF 5.29 Auxis spp.