family Gerreidae

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Seasonal patterns of food and length-weight relationship of three species of the family Gerreidae in the Alvarado Lagoon, Veracruz, Mexico.
Food items Frequency of Occurrence (FO) and percent of Relative Importance Index (RII) of family Gerreidae species in coastal lagoon in Ria Lagartos coastal lagoon, Yucatan, Mexico.
A reproductive biological studies on other species of family Gerreidae in Okinawa Island of southern Japan showed that the maximum standard length (SL) at sexual maturity was 89.7 mm for females Gerres oyena (Kanak and Tachihara, 2008)[32], but a previous study on age and growth of Gerres equulus in western Kyushu, Japan (Iqbal et al.
Species of the family Gerreidae, commonly named "Mojarras", are distributed in tropical and subtropical seas and oceans, with 40 species included in about eight genera, four of which are present in Pacific American coastal waters (Deckert and Greenfield 1987, Nelson 1994).