family Falconidae

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(9) Herpesviral infections have been diagnosed in both captive and free-living raptors across Europe, (5,10) North America, (8,11) and Asia in different species of the family Falconidae. (2) The herpesviruses affecting owls and falcons have been found to be antigenically similar to the pigeon herpesvirus and distinct from other avian herpesviruses.
swainsoni Bonaparte, W R Swainson's hawk Circus cyaneus (Linnaeus), I O northern harrier Elanoides forficatus (Linnaeus), I R swallow-tailed kite Elanus leucurus (Vieillot), I R white-tailed kite Family Falconidae (falcons) Falco columbarius Linnaeus, I R merlin F.
The study population comprised 21 birds from the order Falconiformes, family Falconidae, and genus Falco.