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In the large and diverse eudicot family Ericaceae with a nearly worldwide distribution, two of nine subfamilies, Pyroloideae and Monotropoideae, contain partial and full mycoheterotrophs, respectively [73].
The purpose of this study is to investigate the phylogenetic relationship of subfamily Monotropoideae with family Ericaceae. This Relationship is inferred from a maximum parsimony analysis using large ribosomal subunit (26S) rRNA gene DNA sequences.
Up to now this article has discussed characteristic features and patterns of distribution of neotropical members of the family Ericaceae as a whole, giving examples from numerous tribes and genera.
The generalized geographical and species-concentration patterns for the family Ericaceae as a whole are also evident within individual genera, such as Cavendishia.
Rhoddies belong to the plant family ericaceae and, with the azaleas, heathers and kalmia, require an acid soil.
The absence of the family Ericaceae in this study as in many others areas in Brazil (Cervi and Dombrowski 1985, Cervi et al.