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It is an anadromous fish species belonging to the order Clupeiformes and family Engraulidae. This species is widely distributed in the Yangtze River and the coastal areas of China (Jiang et al., 2012).
EC 4.48 Family Bolitaenidae MC 4.48 Japetella diaphana MC 4.48 Phylum Arthropoda 3.37 Class Crustacea Cr 3.37 Order Decapoda Cr 3.37 Family Galatheidae Cr 3.37 Pleuroncodes planipes Cr 3.37 Family Penaeidae Cr 3.37 Family Portunidae Cr 3.37 Portunus xantusii Cr 3.37 Phylum Chordata 4.12 Class Osteichthyes 4.12 Order Clupeiformes MiF 4.12 Family Engraulidae MiF 4.12 Order Stomiiformes MsF 2.24 Family Phosichthyidae MsF 2.24 Vinciguerria lucetia MsF 2.24 Order Myctophiformes MsF 2.24 Family Myctophidae MsF 2.24 Benthosema panamense MsF 2.24 Myctophum aurolaternatum MsF 2.24 Myctophum nitidulum MsF 2.24 Symbolophorus spp.
Species belong to the family Engraulidae, Sciaenidae and Mugilidae were common along the coast.
When the larvae were evaluated, the family Engraulidae was the dominant family (88%) just like in the eggs, and was followed by Clupeidae (4%), Gobiidae (2%), Sparidae (2%) family and other families which were found less than 1% (Myctophidae, Syngnathidae, Merlucciidae, Cepolidae, Carangidae, Callionymidae, Blenniidae, Mugilidae, Bothidae and Soleidae) (Fig.
He stated that the family Engraulidae was dominant in the bay, followed by the family Clupeidae.