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arjuna locally known as 'kumbuck' belongs to the family Combretaceae (Sarveswaran et al., 2006).
arjuna (family Combretaceae) [Sanskrit names Khair, Amla, Nyagrodha, Udumbara and Arjun respectively] reportedly containing good quantity of flavonoids.
Terminalia glaucescens a plant indigenous to Africa belongs to the family Combretaceae. In Cameroon, it is traditionally used in the treatment of diabetes (Njomen et al., 2009).
(Family Combretaceae) is a large tree distributed throughout India and its bark is used as cardioprotective agent in hypertension and ischaemic heart diseases.
karu maruthu, tehmbava; family Combretaceae, order Myrtales
Most of the species sampled were from the family Fabaceae caesalpinioideae whilst a few species were recorded from the family Combretaceae and only one species Combretum zeyheri was among the 10 dominant trees species.