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The unique feature of the abundance data was that the exotic family Cichlidae is well established and its population is increasing day by day.
In particular, the nearshore waters of Lakes Malawi and Tanganyika contain flocks of species, mostly members of the family Cichlidae, which may attain densities of up to 22 species and [greater than]500 individuals in a 50-[m.sup.2] area (Ribbink et al.
Species of the genus Cichla (peacock bass) are restricted to the Neotropical region, and are the representatives of the family Cichlidae that reach the largest size, have considerable economic importance in the Amazon region, both in commercial and recreational fishing.
Cytogenetic studies and evolutive considerations on fishes of the family Cichlidae (Perciformes) from Parana river (Argentina).
Abstract: The fish family Cichlidae has a large diversity and dominates African freshwater bodies, with over 200 species reported in inland waters.
Seasonality in habitat selection by the color morph of Cichlasoma citrinellum and its relevance to sympatric speciation in the family Cichlidae. Env.
The family Cichlidae is represented in Mexico by the two autochthonous genera: Petenia Gunther 1862 and Cichlasoma Swainson 1839, and by the introduced Tilapia Smith 1840 and Oreochromis Gunther 1889.