family Canidae

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A review of the family Canidae, with a classification by numerical methods.
A small member of Family Canidae (which includes dogs and wolves), red foxes have widespread geographic distribution covering much of the northern hemisphere from the Arctic circle throughout Europe, Asia, and North America.
Scientists classify the coyote under the order Carnivora in the family Canidae. Canis latrans has been called the brush wolf and the prairie wolf.
In southern Africa, rabies virus affects many host species, but rabies cycles are sustained by carnivore hosts (5,6), particularly by canine species (family Canidae), which are the focus of this paper, and by mongooses (family Herpestidae) (5,7), which will not be considered here.
Members of the Family Canidae are usually characterised by high mobility and vagility, ethological characteristics that result in low levels of geographical genetic differentiation (Dalen et al., 2005; Iyengar et al., 2005; Tchaicka et al., 2006).