family Bacillaceae

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typically rod-shaped usually Gram-positive bacteria that produce endospores

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Classification, general features and genome sequencing projects information for the strains according to the MIGS recommendations (Field et al., 2008) MIGS ID Property Domain Bacteria Current Classification Phylum Firmicutes Class Bacilli Order Bacillales Family Bacillaceae Genus Salisediminibacterium Species haloalkalitolerans Strain lOnlg Gram stain Positive Cell shape Rod Motility Non-motile Sporulation Non-endospore former Temperature 20-50[degrees]C range Optimum Temp.
The family Bacillaceae of Phylum Firmicutes was commonly found in the rhizosphere of both cultivars whereas Paenibacillaceae was restricted to rhizosphere soil of Fareed-06 only (Table 2).
Sequence comparison via BLAST searches against sequences from the GenBank, EMBL or DDBJ databases revealed that strain ZZB08 had a close relationship with members of the genus Bacillus, which was classified in the family Bacillaceae. The ZZB08 was most closely related to B.