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plants with heads composed of many florets: aster

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1992) performed a morphology-based cladistic analysis of the family Asteraceae with emphasis on Cichorioideae on the basis of 53 taxa of Asteraceae and 72 characters, using the Barnadesiinae as outgroup.
In Bremer's (1994) treatment of the family Asteraceae, Mutisieae included 76 genera and ca.
The genus is placed in the family Asteraceae (the daisies, also once known as the Compositae).
Pecos Sunflower (Helianthus paradoxus) Another plant listed on October 20 as threatened is the Pecos sunflower, a large, showy plant in the family Asteraceae.
An example is chicory, a perennial herb in the family Asteraceae that has a long history of production for chicons -- the edible, pale-leafed head used in salads.
Safflower, a strongly tap-rooted annual plant from the family Asteraceae, is native to the Middle East.
The plants of the family Asteraceae are known to cause contact dermatitis in some individuals (Gordon, 1999).
The wedge-shaped vascular bundles in the family Asteraceae according to Greulach (1977) are actually those discrete wedge-shaped Types I and II tissues observed by us.
Tithonia diversifolia like most members of the family asteraceae (compositae) exhibits a unique stem anatomy and secondary growth pattern which has the potential of minimizing sink demand for photosynthates while providing maximal skeletal support in spite of the scanty wood through turgid parenchyma tissues.
The genus Anthemis belongs to the family Asteraceae consists of 39 perennial species that distributed all over of Iran and are used in Turkish folk medicine for the treatment of inflammatory disorders, hepatic diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, hemorrhoid, stomachache, abdominal pain, and kidney stones.
The genus Echinops, belongs to the family Asteraceae and comprises over 120 species, of which 12 are known to occur in Ethiopia.
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