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This study aims to add to the local botanical knowledge regarding the family Arecaceae (Palmae) in Brazil, especially in the Cerrado, by studying communities closely linked to the Cerrado and its natural resources to understand their relationships with and the use of native palms.
It belongs to the family Arecaceae, popularly known as bocaiuva, macauba bacaiuveira, coco-drooling, macaw (ALMEIDA et al., 1998).
Date palm is a diploid (2n=36), perennial, monocoty- ledonous and diecious plant in family Arecaceae which comprises of 183 genera and 2600 species (Dowson, 1982; Dransfield et al., 2008).
The order Xylariales is very specific with respect to substrates types (Lodge 2001), and there could be a possible relationship between this group and Geonoma congesta, or the family Arecaceae in general.
serricorne had lower percentage from species of the botanic family Arecaceae compared to all other samples.
and belongs to the family Arecaceae is a dioeciously in nature with the great majority of its economic edible products such as immature endosperm (nungu), mesocarp pulp (fruit pulp), tuberous seedlings (tuber) obtained only from female palms (Sankaralingam et al., 1999).
Metroxylon sagu, of the family Arecaceae. Other important species that