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The genus Scapharca (family Arcidae) contains 200 species (Morton 1960), with characteristic hooked beaks which are usually separated with a wide ligament between them, and the straight hinge line possesses numerous small teeth.
Ark shell Scapharca broughtonii belongs to the family Arcidae inhabiting the muddy sediments of shallow coastal waters.
The spawning pattern of the family Arcidae typically becomes broader with decreasing latitude, and many species including Anadara ovalis, Anadara similis (Adams, 1852), Anadara grandis (Broderip & Sowerby, 1829), and Anadara tuberculosa (Sowerby, 1883) have ripe individuals year round in the warm waters of Florida and Central America (Power et al.
Members of the family Arcidae tend to have equal sex ratios and are dioecious: Anadara antiquata (Toral-Barza & Gomez 1985), Anadara granosa (Pathansali 1966, Broom 1983), Anadara senilis (Broom 1985), Anadara subcrenata (Broom 1985), Anadara trapezia (Broom, 1985), and Anadara tuberculosa (Cruz 1984a, Dzyuba & Maslennikova 1982).
A member of the ark shell family Arcidae, the blood ark, Anadara ovalis (Bruguiere 1789) occurs from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, to the West Indies and Brazil, at depths ranging from the low-tide line to >3 m (Abbott 1974, Anderson et al.