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Anchomanes difformis (Blume) Engl of the family ARACEAE is an herbaceous plant with prickly stem having huge divided leaf and spatial that arises from a horizontal tuber occurring in the forest of West Africa.
Pseudomonas cichorii has been a serious pathogen of numerous plant genera including lettuce (Grogan et al., 1977), chrysanthemum (Jones et al., 1983; Mc Fadden, 1961), celery (Thayer and Wehlburg, 1965), cabbage (Wehlburg, 1963), geranium (Engelhard et al., 1983) and many members of the important foliage plant family Araceae (Wehlburg et al., 1966).
A novel mannose-binding tuber lectin from Typhonium divaricatum (L.) Decne (family Araceae) with antiviral activity against HSV-II and anti-proliferative effect on human cancer cell lines.
A new illustrated survey of the vegetative anatomy of the monocot family Araceae (Keating, 2003) has enlarged the potential for the use of this character set in phylogenetic analysis.