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Anomocytic stomata may be a diagnostic character of the family Amaryllidaceae as earlier work by Awasthi et al.
Like most plants in the family Amaryllidaceae, it is fed upon by lubbers.
Amaryllis, an ornamental bulbous flowering plant belongs to the family Amaryllidaceae, it has large and showy flowers with many bright colors (Jana et al., 1995).
Other genera that are sometimes included as part of the Liliaceae family are Agave and Yucca (family Agavaceae) and Allium (family Amaryllidaceae).
Tequila--An alcoholic beverage made in Mexico, obtained by the crude distillation of the sweet sap of tequila agave and other species of the genus Agave, family Amaryllidaceae. The alcohol content averages about 50 percent.
It is one of the larger members of the worldwide tropical to temperate ornamental family Amaryllidaceae. The family includes the European narcissi and daffodils.
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