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Willemse C (1957) Synopsis of the Acridoidea of the Indo-Malayan and adjacent regions (Insecta, Orthoptera): Part II (Family Acrididae, Subfamily Cantantopinae Part II).
Within the orthopterans, the family Acrididae had a frequency of occurrence of 85.4%.
Orthopterous family Acrididae. Transactions of the American Entomological Society 49: 165-313.
The family Acrididae (which contains amongst others the band-winged grasshoppers and locusts) is the most studied group of grasshoppers.
The most abundant species belonged to the family Acrididae with 83.3% of the total number of all grasshopper's species collected from Thar followed by 15.83% of Pyrgomorphidae and 1.28% Tetrigidae.
# Caelifera host species N Family Pamphagidae Subfamily Pamphaginae 1 Asiotmethis muricatus (Pallas, 1771) 3 Family Acrididae Subfamily Conophyminae 2 Conophyma sokolovi decorum Mistshenko, 1951 10 20 30 10 15 3 Conophyma almasyi (Kuthy, 1905) 3 Subfamily Melanoplinae 4 (*) Podisma pedestris (Linnaeus, 1758) 10 350 30 Subfamily Calliptaminae 5 (*) Calliptamus barbarus cephalotes Fischer von 3 Waldheim, 1846 6 6 (*) Calliptamus italicus (Linnaeus, 1758) 15 12 3 ?
The systematic position of this taxon within the family Acrididae also appears to be disputed.
Third Paper, Orthopterous family Acrididae. Transactions of the American Entomological Society 49(845): 165-313, pl.
The family Acrididae had the highest relative abundance in all districts (Table II).
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