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Synonyms for familiarity

Synonyms for familiarity

Synonyms for familiarity

personal knowledge or information about someone or something

usualness by virtue of being familiar or well known

close or warm friendship

Related Words

a casual manner


an act of undue intimacy

References in classic literature ?
In my innocent ignorance of the feeling which really inspired him, I permitted him to indulge in little paternal familiarities with me, which inflamed his guilty passion.
By degrees, he grew more angry, and was exasperated by jests and familiarities which, a few hours before, would have been a source of amusement to him.
Even the mosquitoes that infested the place were too much in awe of him to sting him; they certainly never did sting him, and I naturally concluded it must be because he had forbidden such familiarities.
Smith never knew of; such horrid familiarities Mrs.
And the daily concerns, the familiarities of our thought swallow it up--and the life goes on as before with its mysterious and secret sides quite out of sight, as they should be.
We traveled the rest of the journey as we did before, and came back to the Bath, where, as he had opportunity to come to me when he would, he often repeated the moderation, and I frequently lay with him, and he with me, and although all the familiarities between man and wife were common to us, yet he never once offered to go any farther, and he valued himself much upon it.
Tom Smart was by no means of an irritable or envious disposition, but somehow or other the tall man with the brown coat and the bright basket buttons did rouse what little gall he had in his composition, and did make him feel extremely indignant, the more especially as he could now and then observe, from his seat before the glass, certain little affectionate familiarities passing between the tall man and the widow, which sufficiently denoted that the tall man was as high in favour as he was in size.