familiar spirit

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a spirit (usually in animal form) that acts as an assistant to a witch or wizard

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Then she adds, in the familiar spirit of perfectionism, "You can never know your score too well.
Any child who sees the bloated body of a familiar spirit, even once, will be marked for life--not a curse but a queer anointing, as if the dead are always with us.
25) The reference to Blake occurs in the first issue, in an essay entitled, "Account of a Familiar Spirit, Who Visited and Conversed with the Author in a Manner Equally New and Forcible, Shewing the Carnivorous Duties of all Rational Beings and the True End of Philosophy.
1) Elizabeth Francis, Mother Agnes Waterhouse, and Jone Waterhouse all confessed to possessing a familiar spirit whom they identified as 'Sathan'.
She got off, unlike Elizabeth Simpson who in February 1650, was the first witch to be hanged on the old Town Moor where St James's Park now stands for sending a familiar spirit to kill a neighbour with whom she was feuding.
The meaning is 'old woman's pet, hag's domestic animal', that is, a witch's cat, possessed by a familiar spirit sent by the Devil.
At the same time, Zalloua traces what might be called the intratextual irresolution of the Essays by showing how Montaigne unsays in "De la phisionomie" what he says elsewhere about a variety of topics, including the moral example of the common people, the ethic of self-care, or the idea of Socrates' genius, or familiar spirit.
By coupling familiar Spirit images with unexpected settings, Hopkins intensifies the illustrative effect of the contrasts between a flash and an ooze, and, by extension, between fork and sheet lightning.