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Synonyms for fame

Synonyms for fame

Synonyms for fame

the state or quality of being widely honored and acclaimed

favorable public reputation

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'That would be an equally fair plea in both cases,' replied Nicholas; 'but if you put it upon that ground, I have nothing more to say, than, that if I were a writer of books, and you a thirsty dramatist, I would rather pay your tavern score for six months, large as it might be, than have a niche in the Temple of Fame with you for the humblest corner of my pedestal, through six hundred generations.'
Rebecca, if I appear not in these lists I lose fame and rank lose that which is the breath of my nostrils, the esteem, I mean, in which I am held by my brethren, and the hopes I have of succeeding to that mighty authority, which is now wielded by the bigoted dotard Lucas de Beaumanoir, but of which I should make a different use.
Unsaturated fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) like methyl oleate (C18-1) methyl linoleate (C18-2) and methyl linolenate (C18-3) are widely used in the production of epoxy-plasticizer dimer acids low melting-point biodiesel and so on.
Since unsaturated FAME often co-exist with saturated FAME in the mixture derived from natural oils it is necessary to separate unsaturated FAME from the mixture for industrial usage.
Several methods have been developed for the separation and purification of unsaturated FAME [1 2] including low-temperature crystallization from various solvents [3] urea complexation [4] silver complex [5] molecular distillation and supercritical fluid extraction.
In this study urea complexation of soybean derived FAME (mainly C16 and C18 methyl esters) was carried out to concentrate unsaturated FAME (C18-1 C18-2 and C18-3).
He said he created Art Before Fame as a bridge between Hsiao Financial's affluent customer base and local artists.
For more information on Art Before Fame, call Hsiao at (626) 644-1177 or visit www.artbeforefame.com.