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Synonyms for falteringly

in an unsteady manner

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Forgive me for disturbing you," she began falteringly. "I come from Katerina Ivanovna, and she had no one to send.
She breathed heavily and falteringly as Issie devoured a cornet in the seafront restaurant at Mumbles Pier, squinting out at the tide powering its way in, until they seemed to be floating on an ark above the waters.
Going slower is AI operationalization in the enterprise, but the bulk of high-end IT vendor activity in 2018 was focused on piecing together, falteringly but forwardly, the platforms on which colossal AI power will function.
He needs Merkel's Germany to refuel and rev up that motor; it has done so for decades, though falteringly in the recent past.
It seems, thankfully, that Spencer was a bridge too far for the Polish government, even though they had falteringly praised other marchers as "patriots" .
"But best of all as the evening mellowed, the Germans forgot our strangeness and softly started their own folk songs, Florence accompanying them falteringly, but successfully enough to leave them in a mist of joy." (9)
The second half takes all the characters deeper into their intertwined dilemmas: Roy discovers that no amount of money can cure his AIDS, Prior learns who his true friends are (and finds his true cosmic calling), and Harper and Joe and Louis try, falteringly, to live their truths.
Quinn read her sons message falteringly, sometime through sobs.
In the 40 or 50 years that we've been colonising Spain, the country has emerged from under the fascist rule of Franco, falteringly embraced democracy and the return of the monarchy and taken its place at the heart of the European experiment.
We began slightly falteringly as clubs jostle for position, picked up the pace as confidence grew, but are now staggering to the finish line like those poor souls in marathons whose legs turn to Plasticine in the finishing straight.
The rich Hindu articulations of such images offer, Goshen-Gottstein suggests, points of deep spiritual resonance with the Hassidic emphasis on the cultivation of the imagination for meditatively envisioning, however falteringly, the incorporeal God.
With a brow now knotted in the unfamiliar act of concentration,the lips falteringly begin to form words "D'yee want any taties, like?" Relief washes over you like a generous splash of Hai Karate aftershave.
I can understand simple questions like "Where are you from?" and "Are you a teacher?" Though it is not an everyday occurrence, some of my Chinese neighbors speak to me in English, some a bit falteringly and some quite fluently.
What could than my dreams romantic This is where a young chap might once falteringly have invited his prospective father-in-law to ask for a daughter's hand in marriage.