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someone who falsifies

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It turns out that he has not entered the flat of an unknown collector, but the studio of an ingenious falsifier, who maintains that all his paintings are originals.
Moncer Rouissi atait accuse en collaboration avec certain nombre de gouverneurs et de responsables Rcdistes ainsi que l'ancien president de l'Observatoire national pour la surveillance des elections sous Ben Ali, de falsifier et d'abuser des resultats des elections presidentielles et legislatives de l'annee 2009.
Except that in Jan Karski, that creation proves to be not simply a problematic and dubious witness, but a falsifier of history.
Mikdad added that Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu is hysterical because he is a true accomplice in shedding Syrian blood, an extremist who holds allegiance to Al Qaeda in one way or another, and a falsifier and distorter of facts who misleads the Turkish people and government, in addition to being "a caricature representing a farce that should come to an end.
Biadillah a donne un apercu des efforts deployes par le Maroc en matiere des droits et libertes a travers tout le territoire national, dont les provinces du Sud, notant que les adversaires de l'integrite territoriale du Royaume exploitent la question des droits de l'Homme et les medias pour falsifier la realite et enduire en erreur l'opinion publique internationale, poursuit le document.
Le rapport du Conseil national des droits de l'Homme n'a pas oublie d'enregistrer la participation, pour la premiere fois, des Egyptiens de la diaspora aux premieres elections libres et honnetes, apres avoir enregistre des taux de participation et d'affluence sans precedent, puisque le peuple a desormais confiance aux organes de l'Etat, qui n'interviendront plus pour falsifier les resultats, comme ce qui se passait auparavant.
In Vienna of 2001, he was an erudite provocateur and falsifier of history at a sensitive moment.
He added that Abu Adas is the "first falsifier until the contrary is proved.
32) The Sunnis, for their part, viewed al-Balawi as a falsifier of hadith and as the author of a work known as Rihlat al-Shafi'i ("the journey of al-Shafici" [to Egypt]) or alternatively Mihnat al-ShafiH ("the trial or interrogation of al-Shafici"), either way, according to Ibn Hajar, a notorious fabrication.
Inexorably associated with the Faurisson affair, which describes the controversy ensuing from Chomsky's endorsement of the Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson's right to freedom of expression and the subsequent inclusion of an essay by Chomsky in Faurisson's Memoire en defense contre ceux qui m'accusent de falsifier l'histoire: La question des chambres a gaz (1980), Chomsky is, according to Barsky, the victim of a culture clash between American pragmatism and lofty French standards of interpretation, as well as of his own Chomsky Effect.
To remove portions of the tape or to add new tape, the falsifier would make a physical cut in the tape, add or remove the segment in question, and then put the tape back together with splicing tape.
A significant statistic on such a variable would act as a potential falsifier of this "Poisson" model.
Mr Justice Gray, the judge in the High Court libel action, delivered a damning 333-page judgment against Mr Irving, branding him a Holocaust denier, falsifier of history, a racist and an anti-Semite.
It was written by Mohammed, and Mohammed, as an Arab, had no reason to know that camels were especially Arabian; they were for him a part of reality, he had no reason to distinguish theca; by contrast, the first thing a falsifier, a tourist, an Arab nationalist would have done is to lavish camels, caravans of camels on each page; but Mohammed, as an Arab, was relaxed: he knew he could be an Arab without camels.