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an incorrect income tax return

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An identity thief steals a deceased taxpayer's SSN and files a false return claiming a refund.
For example: A defendant (either taxpayer or a tax preparer) can be convicted of making and subscribing a false return if it can be proved that the taxpayer willfully made and subscribed a return where he or she did not believe the document was true and correct when subscribed.
It also makes it illegal for online marketers to disguise their identity by using a false return address or misleading subject line and prohibits senders from harvesting e-mail addresses from Web sites.
A false return reporting that stock was sold for an immense profit;
13) Tax due and owing is not an element of the false return offense.
In the EU, new laws going into effect this fall prohibit a spammer from disguising his or her identity or giving a false return address.
This act would make it a federal offense to send spam using a false return e-mail address.
Some legislation simply prohibits false return addresses or routing information; spammers have taken to hiding their true identities by using a false e-mail return address.
This verdict sends a clear message that filing a false return is a serious crime against the American public," Machalek said.
Using a false return address is a form of fraud, so you don't need a special law, but restricting the kind of e-mail people can send is different," said J.
The jammer emits a false return pulse which is delayed from the reflected radar pulse by a gradually increasing amount, as shown in Figure 1.
Some courts have held, however, that if a taxpayer who filed a false return later makes a false statement about it or otherwise commits another act of evasion, a new time period begins to run from that date.
This was not a case of filing a false return or of allegedly aiding and abetting a false return; however, it illustrates the requirement that a preparer not ignore an apparent inaccuracy or turn a blind eye to an obvious discrepancy.
Sometimes, they file a false return in a person's name, and that person never knows that a refund was paid.