false pretense

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(law) an offense involving intent to defraud and false representation and obtaining property as a result of that misrepresentation

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"Thus, the allegations that the complainant was allegedly damaged by the false pretenses and fraudulent representations I and/or Chris Brown engaged in as would make us liable for the crime of estafa, the fact remains that these simply are not true and totally unsupported by any document that complainant was the one who parted away with its property," Roda said.
A roofing contractor who failed to replace a customer's roof after promising to do so wasn't guilty of obtaining property by false pretenses, and the prosecutor in the case was out of line when he told a jury that a grand jury had indicted the man, the S.C.
The alleged false pretense and fraudulent acts began when Cabangis reportedly induced Gow to sign numerous agreements with LandBank and other banks for the use of Uniwide's properties and shares of stocks as collateral for existing and new loans after the Asian Financial Crisis hit the Philippines in 1997.
The crackdown will target quacks who move from one place to the other asking for handouts, taking money by false pretense and misrepresentation of facts," said Mr Omwoyo.
The charge sheet reads thus 'that you Olakunle Mohammed, Rasheed Bakare and others now at large between the month of April and July 2018 at Oluago area Osogbo in the Osogbo Magisterial district did conspire among yourselves to commit felony to wit obtaining money by false pretense and stealing and there committed an offence contrary to and punishable under section 516 of the criminal code cap 34 vol.
PNN On Sunday 26th May, Israeli Occupation Forces razed Palestinian-owned land in Hebron and Nablus under the false pretense of "searching for ruins".
Voluntary parting with any property by you or anyone else to whom you have entrusted the property if induced to do so by any fraudulent scheme, trick, device or false pretense.
Impeachment is warranted for their "deceiving the public under the false pretense that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction" and "destroying" the reputation of the United States and the goodwill of other nations, the group said in a letter approved by its board during a mid-August meeting.
Most of the false pretense of the West is more subtle than importing the London Bridge or creating a rainforest in a Las Vegas hotel.
Darren Jacob Surratt, 35, of Mooresville, N.C., was arrested and charged with insurance fraud and obtaining property by false pretense, both felonies, according to a March 8 statement from the North Carolina Department of Insurance.
Alther was arrested and charged with Attempting to Obtain Money under False Pretense. He pied guilty, and his fines and court costs totaled $1,172.
The dealership has now presented a claim under the false pretense coverage, endorsement, saying that it parted with a covered auto due to "trick, scheme, or under false pretenses.
Bell is charged with five counts of felony insurance fraud, three counts of felony obtaining property by false pretense, two counts of felony attempting to obtain property by false pretense, felony possession of a card forgery device, felony conspiracy, and misdemeanor possession or manufacture of a fraudulent ID.
Vernon Burton of Durham, N.C., was charged with felony insurance fraud, felony attempting to obtain property by false pretense, and filing a false report to a police station, a misdemeanor, according to a NCDOI Aug.