false pretense

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(law) an offense involving intent to defraud and false representation and obtaining property as a result of that misrepresentation

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Thus, the allegations that the complainant was allegedly damaged by the false pretenses and fraudulent representations I and/or Chris Brown engaged in as would make us liable for the crime of estafa, the fact remains that these simply are not true and totally unsupported by any document that complainant was the one who parted away with its property," Roda said.
The court then reasoned that because the law firm's loss was the result of both a forged instrument and a voluntary parting induced by fraud--two contributory causes--it fell within the plain meaning of both the forgery and alteration endorsement and the false pretense exclusion.
The dealership has now presented a claim under the false pretense coverage, endorsement, saying that it parted with a covered auto due to "trick, scheme, or under false pretenses.
Phishing, which is defined as the illegal act of sending e-mail to users under false pretense of being a legitimate organization, is an attempt to scam unknowing users into relinquishing private information for identity theft purposes.
On Monday, Burbank resident Tino Lee, 44, and Glendale resident Gina Liz Nicholas, 19, pleaded not guilty to charges of posing as American Red Cross volunteers last month in Burbank and soliciting money under the false pretense that donations would assist victims of Hurricane Katrina.
I am confident that a jury will view SVG's use of a non-disclosure agreement to gain information about a competitor and attempt to create a monopoly, under the false pretense of legitimate business discussions, with contempt.
In a misguided attempt to impress his girlfriend Vanessa (Kristy Swanson) and prove he's ready for adult responsibility, Sonny adopts a five-year-old boy (played by Cole and Dylan Sprouse, real-life identical twins), under the false pretense of being his biological father.
Dean Cain (Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman) plays Bob, the young executive pursued for a crime he did not commit; Eric Roberts ( False Pretense, Purgatory, Lansky) is Vic, a felon looking to reclaim his stolen loot; and Lexa Doig (CI5: The New Professionals) plays Camille, Vic's beautiful protegee sent to seduce Bob.
5 million system to protect taxpayers' monies, GPERS would be guilty of grand theft by false pretense, which is a criminal offense.
entered not-guilty pleas to five counts each of making false Medicaid claims and larceny of more than $250 by false pretenses.
4 ( ANI ): Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin on Tuesday said the ministry has written to the Ugandan High Commission regarding a complaint filed by three Ugandan women with the police indicating that they were allegedly brought to India under false pretenses.
In most cases they contain links to fake login pages, which then ask under false pretenses for confidential customer data.
Wael al-Halqi said that the US, Western and Israeli use of lies and false pretenses like the use of chemical weapons to carry out military intervention in Syria came about because of the Syrians' steadfastness and the victories of the Syrian Army over terrorism.
And last week it emerged that Demontagnac has also mastered the art of getting money under false pretenses a long time after the payments should have stopped.
Judge Rory McCabe is presiding over the case of former doctor Paschal Carmody, 60, who is charged with obtaining more than EUR80,000 by false pretenses.