false labor

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painless contractions of the muscles of the uterus that continue throughout pregnancy with increasing frequency

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WASHINGTON -- Local laws and practice patterns should dictate which health care providers can certify false labor cases, according to a preliminary recommendation from the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act Technical Advisory Group.
I got up in the middle of the night two different times for false labor.
The doctor was not present since he believed I was having false labor pains, and I dutifully "held" when told.
The labor monitors that HBR is developing will be able to differentiate between true and false labor.
2 Million for False Labor Charges on Contract to Support Army in Afghanistan, was issued on 2/12/14.
Sarkar, 31, who wasn't expecting to deliver for another two weeks, was having what she thought were false labor pains, when she and her husband decided to play it safe and check in with her doctor.
Under EMTALA, "only a physician is recognized to certify that a woman who presents to a hospital for evaluation is actually experiencing false labor," said Ms.