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a noticeable deterioration in performance or quality

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The model posits that these two disinflationary developments generated a significant falloff in core inflation.
According to the Housing Ministry attributed the falloff in purchases to the fact that many people are holding out until passage of the promised law that would allow young couples to buy homes without paying the 18% value added tax.
Baby accessory gift set sales, for example, plunged 91% during the period, while the falloff in baby care and safety accessories sales was limited to 27.7%.
It was the second successive year of robust agricultural output -- cereals production rose 2.7 percent above the bumper harvest of 2012 -- but the bounty could not make up for the falloff in private investment and tepid growth of non-agricultural sectors.
Brian McCann, Jacoby Ellsbury and Carlos Beltran were signed to fortify a batting order that dropped from a team-record 245 homers in 2012 to an un-Bronx Bomber-like 144 last year, the largest falloff in baseball history for a nonstrike season.
In addition, the model explains most of the falloff in inflation as a response to other economic developments.
Total residential origination numbers tell the story of this steep falloff in lending.
The Forum blamed the deficit, public debt and the low savings rate as the main factors for the slump as well as a slight falloff in the performance of financial markets.
While these trends may seem lucky for ducks, the falloff in hunting license fees means less revenue to support duck-habitat conservation, observes Mark Vrtiska of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.
"Students, in many cases, don't identify as Chicanos, as did the generation that created this department, but rather identify as Mexicanos." The falloff in enrollment is leading schools to retool or broaden such departments to include Hispanics of all nationalities.
What's different between now and then is the dramatic falloff of newspaper ad revenue: in 2005 it was $47,400 million, while it was $20,700 last year.
I am not convinced that sports clubs around the country will enjoy a massive increase in membership, but even if they do, there will certainly be a huge falloff come the cold dark nights of winter even with Mummy or Daddy carrying out taxi duties.
* Make sure your financial management systems yield actionable reports that help identify the reason(s) for low/high performance, such as a sales or margin falloff or gain.
"That was the primary reason for the falloff. Hopefully, as stability resumes in that region, you'll see growth in 2012."
"If you start to see a meaningful falloff in occupancy, then you're going to see that you're going to go back and cut the hours that food and beverage outlets are open.