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Synonyms for fallible

Synonyms for fallible

likely to fail or make errors


wanting in moral strength, courage, or will

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Why, as to that, I can't say: you know we're all fallible creatures, Helen; we none of us deserve to be worshipped.
But the breeze was blowing in their faces; it lifted her hat for a second, and she drew out a pin and stuck it in again,--a little action which seemed, for some reason, to make her rather more fallible.
A fallible mortal," he said, "is met by a temptation which he can not possibly resist.
In 2017 we have seen around the world tyrannical leaders that enslave their peoples, populist leaders that deceive them, corrupt leaders that rob them, even simply democratic, wellintentioned leaders of many parties and countries who are normal, fallible human beings.
Our computer systems are vulnerable because fallible engineers built them.
He pointed out that the rise of social media represented a challenge for media institutions, as the information shared on these websites is usually fallible.
His topics include clothes of Carnival: personal puppeteering and role play, a soul in control: the art of the automaton, dark doubles: dolls as a solution to the fallible body, and between torture and transcendence: the doll in art.
Naughty Nats take shearing THERE'S been much mockery of the Scottish Nooky Party at Westminster since some of their more prominent, er, members have proved the Nats are as fallible as any other political party.
Marshal Baz Outlaw, well-known for both his heroism, yet also a flawed and fallible human being.
The sentences were handed down by individual members of the North Wales Judiciary, who are fallible not infallible.
Half romance, half meditation on global affairs, Juventud examines how the past can affect the present and how memory can be fallible.
AMERICAN WEAT AN WEA HER FORECASTERS AFTER the predicted "snowmageddon" mother of all blizzards failed to materialise in states like New York and Massachusetts, they Y have been shown to be just as fallible as Michael Fish and co can be here.
Petr Cech (left) is only 32 and one of Europe's top keepers, but looks increasingly fallible.
56pm on Mondays, more women fake orgasms, carnal disaster abound because we're wonderful fallible humans, not robots.
Nick Merlino is the fallible protagonist contemporary literature thought would never arrive, and here he is in the pages of Thrasher (#400).