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Synonyms for fallible

Synonyms for fallible

likely to fail or make errors


wanting in moral strength, courage, or will

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"Then am I to infer," said his Questioner, "that YOU are not fallible?"
'Why, as to that, I can't say: you know we're all fallible creatures, Helen; we none of us deserve to be worshipped.
Macey's official respect should restrain him from subjecting the parson's performance to that criticism with which minds of extraordinary acuteness must necessarily contemplate the doings of their fallible fellow-men.
O now in danger tri'd, now known in Armes Not to be overpowerd, Companions deare, Found worthy not of Libertie alone, Too mean pretense, but what we more affect, Honour, Dominion, Glorie, and renowne, Who have sustaind one day in doubtful fight, (And if one day, why not Eternal dayes?) What Heavens Lord had powerfullest to send Against us from about his Throne, and judg'd Sufficient to subdue us to his will, But proves not so: then fallible, it seems, Of future we may deem him, though till now Omniscient thought.
But the breeze was blowing in their faces; it lifted her hat for a second, and she drew out a pin and stuck it in again,--a little action which seemed, for some reason, to make her rather more fallible. Ah, if only her hat would blow off, and leave her altogether disheveled, accepting it from his hands!
"A fallible mortal," he said, "is met by a temptation which he can not possibly resist.
God Creates a Snake is a subtle and humorous tale that humanizes God as fallible.
'But all of us are fallible, we can commit mistakes,' Drilon said.
Executive producer of the ITV show, Tom McLennan, told MPs that the lie detector tests are fallible, so "truth" bombs have exploded in people's lives without even any foundation in fact.
The cyber security market is expected to reach $300bn by 2024, with providers making a lot of money from selling fallible, sub-par solutions.
SPECIAL SKILLS: Just being fallible, and not a saint because next door's French bulldog was taunting him, and anyone would have reacted and how was Cocoa to know that sneaking into his house to chase him in the middle of the night would mean he set off the burglar alarm?
Scientists do, and scientists are fallible student/servants of philosophy as is everyone.
"In 2017 we have seen around the world tyrannical leaders that enslave their peoples, populist leaders that deceive them, corrupt leaders that rob them, even simply democratic, wellintentioned leaders of many parties and countries who are normal, fallible human beings."
Our computer systems are vulnerable because fallible engineers built them.
He pointed out that the rise of social media represented a challenge for media institutions, as the information shared on these websites is usually fallible. (end) ays.nam