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fail to satisfy, as of expectations, for example

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She claimed that grounds where Nawaz Sharif addresses rallies fall short of space.
I'm less concerned about the precise number, because let's stipulate right now, whatever various country targets are, it's still going to fall short of what the science requires," Obama said in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine.
Whilst a proportion of this shortfall should be recovered when the delayed Azerbaijan sales are recorded in 2012, any continued softening of global economic conditions would mean that the group is likely to fall short of meeting expectations for the current year.
Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE: TM) (LSE: TYT) (TYO: 7203), a Japan-based automaker, has reported that the domestic production for 2011 is likely to fall short of three million vehicles, the Asahi Shimbun has reported.
However, it is unfortunate that despite this recognition in the report, the recommendations fall short of providing such adequate protection.
The proposals came after the BOJ decided at the previous May 19-20 meeting to maintain the current account balance at the long-standing 30 trillion to 35 trillion yen range but noted it may allow the balance to fall short of the range if liquidity demand is exceptionally weak.
Failures range from the worst-case scenario of projects that are not completed, to projects that are over budget or that fall short of expected goals and objectives.
When they fall short of them we have to take appropriate action.
The reason is that qualified Texas students who fall short of the 10 percent cut believe they won't be able to get into the state's top schools.
Full-year leasing appears likely to fall short of 10 million SF for the first time in recent memory.
Japan's local tax revenues are likely to fall short of their expected levels in fiscal 2001 for the fifth consecutive year of such shortfalls, government officials said Tuesday.
Lower sales point towards lower production during 2001, which should fall short of the record car tire production of 866 million units and commercial vehicle (light plus medium/heavy commercial vehicles) tire production of 289 million units in 2000.
Total wheat production is expected to fall short of 2 billion bushels for the first time in a decade.
He said more than 70% of major companies in Japan fall short of the legal employment ratio.
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