fall off

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  • verb

Synonyms for fall off

come off

fall heavily or suddenly


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diminish in size or intensity


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Summary: Washington DC, [USA] Oct 22 (ANI): Hollywood star Paula Abdul had a great fall off the stage during her ongoing 'Straight up' musical tour.
When the ECHO contacted the owner of Pioneer Bar and Brasserie, Ian Parry, he confirmed that the speaker did fall off the wall on Saturday evening.
Liz Mungcal, Bulacan PDRRMO chief, said the cemented floor of the fish port underwent upgrading, leaving open a tunnel where children and residents venture to catch fish that fall off the port.
The defendant stated he broke his ankle after hitting a pothole by Bute East Dock, which caused him to fall off his bike.
That said, it is normal for the flowers to fall off eventually, but after a period of rest orchids do bloom again.
I told last week how musician Martin Kelly paid PS510 for a classic VW toureronly for the sliding door to fall off on the M8.
HEBRON, February 7, 2016 (WAFA) - Israeli police Sunday opened fire at a Palestinian motorcyclist for refusing to stop for inspection, causing him to lose control and fall off his motorbike.