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"Violent crime, robbery, sexual offences and firearm offences continue to fall and I particularly welcome the 12% fall in knife-related murder.'' Sir Ken Jones, president of the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) said it would take some time before the full impact of the recession on crime levels would be revealed..
We have made clear there will be no further increases this year and, if we see a sustained fall in wholesale prices going through 2007, that will be reflected in retail prices.
An official at the Japan Automobile Dealers Association said, ''The fall appears to have stemmed from the fall in the number of used cars put on the market as trade-ins for new automobiles amid a slowdown in new car sales.''
As he and his boss argue they fall in love while break-ins and other nasty activity occur as others seek what Steve wants (that is besides his employer).
Every part of North Wales saw a fall in the number of burglaries.