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The second condition representing the same windows but with overhang protection from the spring equinox to the fall equinox decreases the house energy requirements by 10% to 20% compared to the unwindowed house.
Under the moon theory, the fall equinox can vary by more than one month, which would mean that fawns may or may not drop during the period of peak nutrition.
Fall Equinox Event "Becoming the Harvest: A Journey of Self-Discovery, Self-Empowerment and Self-Realization,'' 7 p.m.
Having the event around the fall equinox will add to the options for revelers, because the cooler weather will mean more elaborate gowns and thick cloaks at night.
The weather records provided a good consistency check but didn't help us establish a unique date for Autumn Moon, because northern California has such an abundance of clear skies in the weeks near the fall equinox.
Eight is almost palatable: "The angel appeared on Paradise Hill the night of the fall equinox, light and dark dividing evenly over the world." Redundant, though.
But what exactly is the meaning of the fall equinox? It's the astronomical beginning of the fall, (https://www.almanac.com/content/first-day-fall-autumnal-equinox) according to the Old Farmer's Almanac .
That means summer is winding down, however we measure the season - when school's out, when it's hot out, or the span from the summer solstice to the fall equinox (June 21 to Sept.
That was for a pagan celebration of Lunasa, the midpoint between fall equinox and summer solstice around which Faerieworlds is also scheduled.
In the "normal" case, nine new Moons occur in the time period between a fall equinox and the next summer solstice, and the 11th month after the fall equinox is simultaneous with the second Athenian month (Metageitnion), the month employed by Bockh in his calculation for Marathon.
EDT, the same day as the fall equinox, which signals the season changeover. 
For example, in antiquity Arcturus first returned to the predawn sky in mid-September, before the fall equinox and about the time autumn was foreclosing options on sailing and planting.
The latter is known as autumnal equinox or fall equinox.
It is one of two equinoxes each year, the other, the fall equinox, is set to occur on Sept.
It occurs twice per year, the spring equinox in March and the fall equinox in September. At the equinox, daytime and nighttime extend about the same length of time and the sun appears directly overhead at noon. The fall equinox triggers the onset of shorter days in the Northern Hemisphere.