fall down

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Synonyms for fall down

lose an upright position suddenly


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She tripped or in some other way lost her footing and that caused her to fall down the stairs.
Hall's "They All Fall Down" uses the same set up as Christie's classic "And Then There Were None" in which strangers are lured to an isolated island and then start dying.
We want to be able to build a bridge that won't fall down. The bridge needs to span one foot and needs to be able to support a hotwheels car.
According to police sources, a speedy dumper fall down of a mountain in Hub Tehsil of of Lasbela District.
PARACHINAR -- One girl died and another was injured when the wall of house fall down in Sadda area of Lower Kurram here on Saturday.
If you drop something, it will fall down. Try setting a ruler with its middle on your fingertip.
A pathologist found the cause of death was traumatic injury to the brain following a fall down stairs, due to the toxic effects of alcohol.
The structural surveyor says the sky probably won't fall down but it is best if you still sleep, charlie And The chocolate Factory style, in the one bedroom.
I had a terrible fear that he would fall down the stairs."
Sneezing or coughing was a final fatal symptom and 'all fall down' was exactly what happened.