fall back

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Synonyms for fall back

fall backwards and down

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hang (back) or fall (behind) in movement, progress, development, etc

have recourse to

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00 threshhold only to fall back and finish the month 2% down at $1.
I was determined to tell the story through movement and not fall back on things that I had done before.
Washington, Nov 20 (ANI): A new study from University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) sheds light on why some people fall back into drugs despite undergoing a treatment.
The integration of the specific defensive numbers will complete the defensive numbering system for any team that chooses to have a full-court defense that will ultimately fall back into any other half-court defense.
In this ``spring ahead, fall back'' scenario, how far do the Dodgers fall back from the rest of the competition after ending their meek managerial search by picking some poor stooge before they spring back into damage control and show off the ``new'' stadium with $8-beer-friendly seats and wider aisles that'll allow more convenient exits before the seventh-inning yawn?
He likens the dust particles in the plume to baseballs lofted into the air in slow motion and taking as long as 2 days to fall back to the surface.
Around 19 per cent of people have no savings at all to fall back on, and 10 per cent say they don't bother to save because it is too much hassle to transfer money out of their current account.
Seeing the rout in progress, Rall began to order his men to fall back to an orchard at the southwest corner of town, but American bullets cut him down before his retreat could begin.
In order to do that, we had to fall back in some instances.
But the afternoon saw the blue-chip index fall back despite slight gains on the Dow Jones Industrial Average in New York.
upstream natural gas market (titled 'Return to Historical Prices or Temporary Lull'), Fitch's updated oil and natural gas price deck, and updates on downstream markets (titled 'Downstream Update - Crack Spreads Fall Back to Earth'), and the oilfield services sector (titled 'Record Storage Levels Begin to Put the Brakes on Drilling Activity').
They said: "We know you want to write, but if you have your degree you will have something to fall back on" and that was what made my mind up
That's because the radiation energizes electrons in the silicon, which then emit green light as they naturally fall back to a lower energy state.
One of the effects associated with perimenopause and menopause is increased incidence of waking up during the night and an inability to fall back to sleep, principally due to hot flashes," said Claudio N.
We put the team first and it is such a solid foundation that you can fall back on it when things don't go well,'' Vrabel said.