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diminish in size or intensity


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"Again, I'm happy, having played in teams myself with Roscommon when we got big beatings from Mayo, we would have fallen away but today we didn't fall away.
TRADE: BRITAIN cannot afford to "fall away" from the European Union at a time when the continent faces a moment of "existential crisis" due to the global shift in power from west to east, ex-PM Tony Blair said in London today.
At the Last Supper, Jesus predicted that all his disciples would fall away. Peter said, "Even if all fall away, I will not" (Mt.26:31; Mk.14:27).
Things Fall Away: Philippine Historical Experience and the Makings of Globalization.
Everton would effectively be looking for two teams from any of Liverpool, Manchester City, Tottenham or Aston Villa to fall away.
This method avoids internal disturbance or pressure on the material and allows for discharge at any opening where the load is permitted to fall away from the flights.
The readings suggest that broadband speeds outside the London area fall away quickly, and that customers in Northern Ireland and Wales get average speeds barely half those found in the capital.
Many regions in Victoria and South Australia will reflect on the season that got away as the lack of crucial September rains saw the crop fall away significantly.
Picture, MARC KIRSTEN Helicopter flight courtesy of www.heliflight.co.uk' Residents and business owners on the banks of the Severn were breathing a sigh of relief yesterday as these flood waters began to fall away. Swollen rivers produced some astonishing scenes around Tewkesbury, where the Severn and the Avon burst their banks.
They use permanent magnets--high-density ceramic or optional rare earth magnets--to separate ferrous debris from wood material by holding the tramp iron and embedded metal scrap against the conveyor belt and allowing it to fall away from the underside of the conveyor after the clean wood products have been discharged.
We don't want the season to fall away. We have to win seven of our last nine games to have a chance of reaching the play-offs and that is a tall order.
On some fall away rests, one particular position may assure the best clearance.