falciform ligament

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a ligament that attaches part of the liver to the diaphragm and the abdominal wall

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2) Perivascular epithelioid cell tumors have been previously reported in a variety of sites including the heart, (4) kidney, (5) urinary bladder, (6) prostate, esophagus, (7) intestines, (8) pancreas, (3) liver, uterus, (9) ovary, vulva, lung, palate, bone, (10) falciform ligament, retroperitoneal soft tissue, thigh, groin, and skin.
This ventral mesentery gives rise to the lesser omentum, falciform ligament and the visceral peritoneum of the liver.
Reinforcement with falciform ligament and peritoneum have been reported in congenital hernia repairs [10].
3) In 1888, Rex challenged conventional division of the liver on the basis of the falciform ligament and described an avascular plane through the liver that extended from the gallbladder fossa to the inferior vena cava (IVC).
2%, and is defined as a gallbladder located to the left of the ligamentum teres and the falciform ligament.
3) They typically are found in the lower extremity including the upper thigh and inguinal area, although individual cases have been reported on the buttocks, trunk, upper extremity, and falciform ligament.
In the formation of hepatodiaphragmatic interposition, hepatic factors including ptotic or small liver, abnormal falciform ligament or absence of the falciform ligament, diaphragmatic factors including degeneration of the diaphragmatic muscles, phrenic nerv palsy and increase in intrathoracal pressure as a result of tuberculosis or emphysema, colonic factors including abnormal extension of the colon, abnormal suspensory ligament or absence of the suspensory ligament, congenital malposition or malrotation of the colon are accused (8,9).