falciform ligament

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a ligament that attaches part of the liver to the diaphragm and the abdominal wall

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In the formation of hepatodiaphragmatic interposition, hepatic factors including ptotic or small liver, abnormal falciform ligament or absence of the falciform ligament, diaphragmatic factors including degeneration of the diaphragmatic muscles, phrenic nerv palsy and increase in intrathoracal pressure as a result of tuberculosis or emphysema, colonic factors including abnormal extension of the colon, abnormal suspensory ligament or absence of the suspensory ligament, congenital malposition or malrotation of the colon are accused (8,9).
The fibres to the ischial ramus, which form a sickle shaped extension, are known as the falciform ligament (Romanes, 1964) (Figure 2).
Perforation can be identified on plain films as gas under the hemidiaphragms, gas tracking along the psoas margins, or the classic presentation of gas outlining the falciform ligament or both sides of the bowel wall (Rigler sign).
Initial findings were of dilated small bowel overlying the liver, and a diaphragmatic hernial defect visualised to the right of the falciform ligament.
This ventral mesentery gives rise to the lesser omentum, falciform ligament and the visceral peritoneum of the liver.