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a short broad slightly convex medieval sword with a sharp point

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And The Falchion Passed Through His Neck: Anjali Bhargava, Chitra Ganesh, Divya Mehra, Samira Abbassy, Sangeeta Sandrasekhar, Hamra Abbas, and Shweta Bhattad, curated by Jasmine Wahi
Thou, thy race lie pale and low, Pierced by shafts of many a bow; And the falchion [broad sword] by thy side, To thy heart, thy hand shall guide: Crownless, breathless, headless fall, Son and sire, the house of Saul!"
The modern machete is similar to some forms of the medieval falchion sword
Briar's Mist had Saturday's Eider Chase second High Cotton in the same spot when winning a Newcastle handicap in which the reopposing Falchion and Almire du Lia were both well beaten.
His description of killing her executioner (5.3.272) leads him to a less than humble description of his youthful prowess, when he "with my good biting falchion / ...
Falchion (6-1) revelled in the conditions to outstay his rivals in the Irvine Herald Handicap Chase over a stamina-sapping three miles one furlong.
Jedburgh-based Rob Bewley's Falchion (6-1) revelled in the very testing conditions to outstay his rivals.
Sue Lamyman's mare landed a handicap hurdle at Market Rasen on Boxing Day, and defied a 5lb rise in the weights to beat Falchion by six lengths in a similar event at Wetherby last month.
(19) Equally important in establishing Herod's appearance were his crest and falchion, or sword.
The Biblia Pauperum makes the correspondence even more clear: Isaac carrying the wood and following his father, who has a falchion at his side and is holding a lighted torch, foreshadows Christ with his cross on his shoulder in the adjoining panel; the angel arresting the arm of Isaac's father in turn foreshadows the Crucifixion event, which is to be understood ultimately as a rescue from death (Henry 93, 95-96, 98).(8) But even with the typological pattern in mind it is hard not to imagine the scene that might have presented itself if the angel had been delayed even for one moment: the son, whom Abraham valued more than anything else in the world, would have been sacrificed in unreasoning response to a sadistic command from on high.
FALCHION A Medieval banqueting hall B Short, broad sword C Leather breastplate worn by Roman soldiers who am I?
He traditionally entered the Diocese over which bridge over the Tees where he was presented with a falchion reputed to have been wielded by Sir John Conyers when slaying the Sockburn Worm?
The Stafford Gold Zone is a 20 kilometre long gold anomaly where previous explorers have identified considerable near-surface gold mineralisation with the Sabre and Falchion prospects being classed by the Company as early stage discoveries / advanced targets.
Rob Bewley, trainer of Falchion ``He's a course winner who handles the ground and stays the trip, so there are no worries about any of those factors.