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curved like a sickle

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Leaves falcate, to 9 cm long, the spiny tip [less than]0.5 mm; megagametophyte ruminate T.
1 cm diam., asymmetric; pedicel 2-5 mm long; sepals green, oblanceolate to falcate or ovate, abaxial surface pilose, 3-6 X 2.5-5 mm; petals yellow, two internal and two external, obovate 4.5-6 x 1,5-3 mm long, cuculus oblong, bent around the androecium, 5.5-7 X 5-6 mm long; 10 stamens yellow 2-5 mm long; without staminoids; ovary yellow to white, panose, 4-9 mm long; style yellow, 2-3 mm long.
Leaves of Asterophyllites grandis are smaller, more falcate, and less broad than those of Asterophyllites lindleyanus, with a smaller length/ breadth ratio.
Jiang, "Antioxidant activities of extracts and flavonoid compounds from Oxytropis falcate Bunge," Natural Product Research, vol.
FALCATE A Curved like a sickle B Fall on one's knees C Like a bird of prey who am I?
ID) with pair of unomamented slender falcate projections on each end, slightly sinuous margin medially.
Fine structure of the oocyst of Nematopsis mytella (Apicomplexa, Porosporidae), a parasite of the mussel Mytella falcate and of the oyster Crassostrea rhizophorae (Mollusca, Bivalvia) from the northeastern Atlantic Coast of Brazil.
Sei whales where identified only when the combination of a single rostral ridge, symmetrical jaw pigmentation, darkish grey dorsal coloration and falcate dorsal fin with rounded tips was present; this combination ruled out Eden (Bryde's) or Fin whales.
2009: Determination of total flavonoids and phenolic acids from Oxytropis falcate. Pharm.
In his revisional study on the genus Ditrigona, Wilkinson (1968) enumerated the generic characters as follow: antennal form variable, serrate, unipectinate or bipectinate; thorax and abdomen usually white; forewing not strongly falcate; the fasciae gray to brown; uncus present either bifid, bifurcate or single; valves variably developed; aedeagus strongly developed and variously shaped; ostium variable; corpus bursae in most species with signum and with an accessory sac.
Eight of the species are under the IUCN's vulnerable category: The Chinese egret (Egretta eulophotes); Falcated ground babbler (Ptilocichla falcate); Palawan flycatcher (Ficedula platenae); Palawan hornbill, Palawan peacock pheasant (Polyplectron emphanum); Blue-headed racquet tail (Prioniturus plateni); Grey imperial pigeon (Ducula pickeringii); and the Philippine duck.
Cephalic tibiae (without claw) no quite one-third as long as the femur, subsigmoide, apical claw large, slender moderately falcate; dorso-distal section with a prominent falcate spine and a smaller straight spine immediately ventral of the largerspine and on the internal face; internal margin with a single median large oblique spine; external margin with a single straight spine distal; ventral margin proximal with 3 minute serrations.
O efeito positivo da calagem sobre o crescimento em altura tambem foi observado em Eucalyptus grandis (NOVAIS et al., 1979), Myracroduon urundeuva (BARBOSA et al., 1995), Senna spectabilis, Schinus molle, Cassia javanica, Sapindus saponaria (MANN et al., 1996), Senna multijuga, Stenolobium stans, Anadenanthera falcate (FURTINI NETO et al., 1999), Dalbergia nigra (BERNARDINHO et al., 2007), Apuleia leiocarpa (GOMES et al., 2008), Senna macranthera (SOUZA et al., 2010).