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a form of torture in which the soles of the feet are beaten with whips or cudgels


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Methods of physical torture include falanga, passing the board, suspension, hair torture, burns, dry submarine, wet submarino, telefona, forcing the person in abnormal position, forcing bamboo sticks under the fingernails, electric baton shock, irritant torture, cold torture, forced feeding and non- fatal shooting.
Falanga pointed to a report by the Chicago Sun-Times that Motorola Mobility will invest $300 million in the move, including the potential purchase of office furnishings.
Mark Falanga, president of MMPI, said Urban Expositions is "well-equipped" to bring the California Gift Show into the next generation and "will infuse it with significant resources, energy, enthusiasm, and fresh ideas that will stabilize the southern California Giftware marketplace.
Falanga A, Marchetti M, Evangelista V, Vignoli A, Licini M, Balicco M, Manarini S, Finazzi G, Ceretti C, Barbui T: Polymorphonuclear leukocyte activation and hemostasis in patients with essential thrombocythemia and polycythemia vera.
Falanga, owner of J&R and sole trustee of the plan, to roll over his plan assets when he resigned in January 2005.
Events labeled as assault, assault with weapon, falanga (beating of the feet), submerging, strangling, burning, hanging, torturing and abducting were coded as assault.
Falanga V 2005 Wound healing and its impairment in the diabetic foot Lancet 366 1736-43
Mark Falanga, senior vice president of MMPI, says his group has secured 25 letters of intent from medical equipment manufacturers to lease space and about a dozen letters of intent from trade show and conference organizers.
The site is in its nascent stage but already lists 10 artisan manufacturers, including Bauli, Amarelli, Corsini, Venchi, Falanga, Leone, Perugina, Vicenzi, Caffo and Asti.
Although still in its nascent stages, the site already lists 10 artisan manufacturers, including Bauli, Amarelli, Corsini, Venchi, Falanga, Leone, Perugina, Vicenzi, Caffo and Asti.
However, the presence of homophobia has also been investigated in various professional groups: military personnel (Lingiardi, Falanga & D'Augelli, 2005), social workers (Berkman & Zinberg, 1997), counselling practitioners (Bowers, Plummer & Minichiello, 2005; Satcher & Leggett, 2007), doctors (Smith & Mathews, 2007), nurses (Rondahl, Innala & Carlsson, 2004), and physical education teachers (Morrow & Gill, 2003).
27) Examples of conduct which have been found to constitute torture include: beating, falanga, extraction of nails, burns, electric shock, sexual violence, deprivation of senses, and threats.
Falanga is also Professor of Dermatology and Biochemistry at Boston University School of Medicine, a Fellow of the American College of Physicians, and a past President of the Wound Healing Society, the leading scientific organization focused on this specialty.