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an irreversible accomplishment

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Eroglu called on every one not to back insolvability policies, and said Turkish Cypriots would not let any fait accomplis in the island.
B S Yedyurappa would not go without a fight, he cocked several snooks at his leaders, showed them scant respect, presented them with fait accomplis (by declaring his heir as Karnataka chief minister) and ultimately compelled his own high command to give in.
The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company's banks had steadily increased their equity stake in the business as its debts grew, which made last week's transfer of ownership from the Australians to the banks virtually a fait accomplis.
He said: "We've now played our difficult away games in the group after travelling to Kaunas and Prague - forget Spain, whose progress to the finals can almost be accepted as a fait accomplis.
He noted that statements by Turkish leaders that they urgently want a settlement by the end of this year are aiming to mislead the international community and added that the Turkish side has been launching threats for B plans which provide for a new fait accomplis.
Mr Mitchell managed Mr Davis' campaign to become Conservative leader in 2005, but even he was not consulted in advance about the decision to quit, and was presented with a fait accomplis.
Foulkes feared the sacking of Anderton was a fait accomplis in any case as the Lithuania-based Hearts directors arrived in Edinburgh yesterday morning for a meeting that had clearly been pre-arranged.
However well and sincerely meant, fait accomplis are rarely cheerfully accepted by the faith community.
Even the peace dynamic of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations has not put an end to the process of changing the character of the land through the creation of fait accomplis.
Confronted with the fait accomplis of the Soviet Army, Winston Churchill and Harry Truman found it difficult to oppose Soviet territorial objectives, absorption of the Baltic states, and demands for "friendly governments.
The fait accomplis, following the 1974 Turkish invasion in Cyprus, give no right over our land to EuzgE-rgE-n, to Mustafa Akinci`s illegal regime and to Ankara, Pittas says.