fairy shrimp

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small freshwater branchiopod having a transparent body with many appendages

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Since 2011 the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (NHM) and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) have worked closely together to modernize the guidelines governing how voucher specimens of the two California federally-listed fairy shrimp species, Branchinecta sandiegonensis and Branchinecta lynchi (Crustacea: Branchiopoda) are preserved and how voucher metadata is databased.
The vernal pool fairy shrimp is one of many sensitive species whose presence had to be accounted for during the design and construction of the project.
Tadpole shrimp have a carapace--the part of the shell that covers the head--and fairy shrimp (including brine shrimp) lack it.
First, it is a ferocious predator, preying upon smaller fairy shrimp and other small creatures.
Fairy shrimp are macroinvertebrates that are commonly found in playas of the SHP, as well as temporary water bodies throughout the world.
Below the surface, scuba divers haunt Sund Rock Marine Preserve and Octopus Hole, where the world's biggest octopuses share the water with fairy shrimp, shellfish, and Dungeness crab.
The critical habitat for the Arroyo toad, (2) the Riverside fairy shrimp, the California gnatcatcher, and the tidewater goby (originally designated in 2000) covered a large swath of coastal sage scrub and other grasslands, vernal pools, rivers, and streams of southern California.
The preserve protects vernal pools, which support one of the area's rarest species, the San Diego fairy shrimp, and is home to more than 65 plant and animal species, including 18 highly sensitive species.
The Bush administration, in concert with real estate interests, has been pressuring federal judges to roll back protections for dozens of animals and plants, including California whipsnakes, salmon, fairy shrimp and rare birds such as the Mexican spotted owl.
OK, so whipsnakes, fairy shrimp and gnatcatchers aren't going to win popularity contests, not like the pandas or the big cats.
There are also wood frogs, fairy shrimp, various macro invertebrates, pulmonary snails and fingernail clams.
Depoian said the shrimp cyst-filled earth could be moved to other fairy shrimp preserves in Riverside and Orange counties.
The Ramona Grasslands contain numerous endangered species, such as Stephens' kangaroo rat, San Diego fairy shrimp, and arroyo southwestern toads.
These seasonal wetlands look barren during the summer and fall, but after winter rains begin they are home to endangered and threatened fairy shrimp and native and migratory birds that feed on the shrimp.
They serve as critical breeding grounds for frogs, salamanders, insects, and fairy shrimp.