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a ring of fungi marking the periphery of the perennial underground growth of the mycelium

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(4) A color reproduction of George Cruikshank's painting A Fantasy: The Fairy Ring (c.1850) is reprinted with permission in Fimi (15).
Hoops and crinoline World-surrounding hoop Fairy rings The jolly cooper (makes hoops) The furthest isles (at the perimeter of the flat, circular world) A girdle round the world Saturn (the ringed planet) Barrels worn by schoolgirls.
The mushrooms, spread in a wide fairy ring, are featured in different stages of their life cycle.
There are a number of different fungi that cause the fairy ring symptom, including probably the commonest Marasmius oreades as well as Hygrocybe species and Clitocybe species.
Creating a Forest School with bird boxes and a fairy ring was on the agenda at Saltney Ferry Primary School, Flintshire, as well as building a shed, sand pit and a water feature powered by a solar panel.
There are holiday snaps of me tree-hugging a turbine, posing in a fairy ring of great white obelisks and turning cartwheels as I imitate their endless rotations.
Almost 40 years later, it still gives me a thrill of astonished wonder that a wild animal would, for a few moments, invite me through the fairy ring into his world, just for fun.
A memorable asterism, dubbed the Fairy Ring by Utah amateur Kim Hyatt, lies just 1.6[degrees] west of the Crescent Nebula.
Advanced Oil - first place, "Quality Time," Rosalie Lazarus; second place, "Stone Bridge Gardner Ma.," Joseph Gemborys; third place, "Muckross Fairy Ring," Cheryl Parabicoli and honorable mention, "Thanksgiving Day," Victor Dupuis.
Although small, those little Fairy Ring Mushrooms (Marasmius oreades) have an incredibly tough stem--almost too tough to tear.
to green up your lawn, but skip the fairy ring zone.
He identified the alkaloid defence substances of the lady bug, metabolites of the fairy ring mushrooms, and a number of diterpenoids with unique structural features from bird's nest fungi.
Other events included a pie baking contest and carnival games such as sling shot range, fairy ring toss and tossing a spear into a hay bale.
In Fairy Ring, an epistolary novel set in 1895 Nova Scotia, Clara Weiss, the beleaguered wife of botanist Edmond, suffers from a malaise necessitating a "sleep cure," while the man who pines for her, Captain Ian Ryder, languishes amid frozen waters, trapped and abandoned by his crew during an abortive journey to the North Pole.
Examples include the field mushrooms, the inky caps (so-called because they turn into a black, inky-like substance when they decompose), oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus, so-called because they taste remarkably similar to cooked oysters), fairy ring mushrooms (Marasmius oreades, which always grow in circles), chanterelles, boletes (especially the giant bolete, Boletus edulis, which tastes like eggplant when cooked), puffballs, morels and chicken of the woods (Laetiporus sulphureus, which really does taste like chicken).