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a ring of fungi marking the periphery of the perennial underground growth of the mycelium

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He and colleagues describe the Australian fairy circles online March 14 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
Explaining what causes fairy circles has become ecologists' version of crop circle debates (SN Online: 8/20/15).
Fairy circles would be filled with plants, if something weren't killing them, he says.
We had discussed for a year what to call the gathering and kept coming back to the word "Fairy."* Arthur Evans and friends had convened Fairy Circles for a brief time in San Francisco in the mid-70's, but little came of them.
Fairy Circle Love is designed to bring Ehlers success and make her one of Namibia's most prominent music artists.
'Because Why', a track from the second album was featured at the "Fairy Circle Love" CD launch.
The distribution of fairy circles throughout the desert may look random, but turns out to have a pattern that very closely matches the distribution pattern of skin cells.
To conduct the analysis, Sinclair and Zhang compared the number of neighbors adjacent to fairy circles and skin cells.
Both the majority of fairy circles and majority of cells have six neighbors.
Many theories about how fairy circles form -- from rolling zebras to underground gases to dying trees -- have been proven incorrect.
The 'fairy circles' are created by termites as part of a water storage system.
Professor Jurgens obtained his data by taking readings in fairy circles found on the grounds of Namib Desert Lodge south of Solitaire over the course of several years.
This may explain why researchers did not solve the riddle of the fairy circles much earlier.