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the area between the tee and putting green where the grass is cut short

the usual course taken by vessels through a harbor or coastal waters

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a tract of ground free of obstacles to movement

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Hit the fairways, manage your distance, and Chino Creek will seem an enjoyable stroll (spikeless only) and one that also is a summer bargain on Mondays, when a $25 fee includes a cart.
The winner of the exclusive event used a Callaway Golf(R) fairway wood, a set of Steelhead(R) X-16(R) Irons and the HX(R) Red Golf Ball to shoot a final-round 64 and charge to the fourth win of her LPGA Tour career.
This is the bargain you've been waiting for: Riviera strategy and playing tips direct from 12 men who will be striding the fairways at the Pacific Palisades course that has hosted three majors and a U.
Large trees and that troublesome rough make each of the first three holes difficult to par if any shot leaves the fairway.
7 percent of the fairways -- an amazing combination of power and precision.
This dogleg-right test is distinctive for the large mounds that define the right side of the fairway from the early turn in the dogleg until just before the green.
It's just great for your short game,'' said Bracken, who especially likes the fact that Mission Hills' ball-grabbing kikuyu grass fairways force players to follow missed greens with well-aimed lob shots if they are to save par.
But a spotter waved to him from the fairway that his ball was playable, so Van de Velde walked to his ball, where a television tower blocked his path back the fairway.
I hit the Big Bertha C4 Driver so solid all week -- I only missed five fairways," Scott said.
Sanday and his caddy, Alhambra's Joe Citro, said hitting the fairways made all the difference.
In July, Fairways LP, one of four companies comprising Meadowbrook Golf, outsourced its entire payroll processing function to MBS, eliminating the burden of running payroll every pay period.
If you do miss the fairways, then you have no chance,'' Baiocchi said.
In laying out the course, Fazio found just enough room between the finger lakes and the parallel spoil piles to fit in fairways, tucking tees and greens into every crevice they'd fit.
There are some soft spots in the fairways, but overall it's all right.
OTC BB:MGGI) said that the previously announced acquisition of KSL Fairways Golf Corp.