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a commission delegated to ensure opportunities for the expression of opposing views

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Perhaps they'll learn from the spectacle of the Tax Fairness Commission battering its head against economic reality to produce a report no one can really support.
Mr Price acknowledged that Plaid was making a conscious move to appeal to middle class voters but he stressed that both the middle class and working class would benefit from changes to the tax system he hoped would be proposed by the Fairness Commission.
Party leaders on the Hunt and Fairness commissions envisioned superdelegates acting in part as a safety valve.
At hearings in New Orleans in August, the Fairness Commission pledged to be sympathetic to Jackson's proposals for refoming the rules governing delegate selection.
We suspect what really irks the Tax Fairness Commission -- note the name -- is this stubborn reality.
Tomorrow's meeting builds on the work of the Newcastle Fairness Commission, launched last October and chaired by Professor Chris Brink, vice-chancellor of Newcastle University.
The court's Fairness Commission will be studying the Baker Act, Harding said, and he also declared 2000 as an ADA year where the courts will working to improve access for the disabled.
The latest model, the Fairness Commission, is the party's fifth effort to review its rules in the past sixteen years.
I was pleased to back calls earlier this year from the Liverpool Fairness Commission for a Living Wage to be adopted in Liverpool, and I have also asked questions in parliament about whether major government contracts include provision for workers to be paid the Living Wage.
IT says a lot about the situation councils find themselves in that Newcastle's leaders should feel obliged to set up a Fairness Commission.
LIB Dem leader David Faulkner hopes the introduction of a Fairness Commission in Newcastle proves to be more than a "gimmick".
I was delighted therefore to see the report of the Liverpool Fairness Commission call for the development of a Liverpool Living Wage.
They will be guided by a Fairness Commission which has spent the last 12 months consider how best to ensure funding is reduced without causing unnecessary pain.
Hopefully, the Newcastle Fairness Commission, which was established last autumn, will have laid the foundations for a successful meeting tomorrow.
Introducing a living wage is one of the recommendations within a report from the Liverpool Fairness Commission.
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