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a pulley-block used to guide a rope forming part of a ship's rigging to avoid chafing

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Attachment options include quick release pins, high resistance shackles, snap shackles, fairleads and torsion rope thimbles.
It was submitted that Mr Davey should receive no part of the purchase price for the vessel merely compensation for an old windlass and fairlead, a few frames and pieces of iron plate near the bow.
Atlanta-based Fairlead Commercial Real Estate acted on behalf of the ownership entity, One Park Tower LLC, in the note acquisition, the foreclosure and the transition over to the new owner and operating company.
Mooring line is attached by springs at fairlead of spar hull with hinge connection.
0]--value of the gap between piston support surfaces and fairlead bush that are of eccentric or concentric arrange correspondingly,
Parent company Aker Solutions says the fairlead chain stopper is an innovative system designed to constrain the mooring load to a limited area on the hull.
It includes 14 Pusnes fairlead chain stoppers and three moveable Pusnes windlasses for 165 mm chain size.
That wears out the fairlead block inside the HGU-56/P helmet connector access cover.
The principal task of this dive was to put a lasso around a fairlead (a device for guiding ropes) lying on the seabed near the stern section of the hull.
3 m keeping ground bearing pressure low; a roomy headroom clearance of 203 cm between tub and revolving frame for maintenance accessibility; an advanced walk system; a powerful swing system with six planetary transmissions; and improved fairlead to prolong drag rope life.
3629, 4536, and 5440 kg) capacities, and come with wire rope and a roller fairlead.
Tenders are invited for Purchase Of Fairlead Panama Type A And Type B For Yd 12651 And Yd 12652 Of Project P17a
There was some major work required from shore-based services to make the boat race ready, such as a forward hatch, stanchions, electrical work, and an anchor fairlead to be installed.
The order from Bluewater Industries covers design and delivery of eccentric fairlead chain stoppers and roller RamWinches for a deep draft production unit owned by ATP Oil & Gas Corporation, while the DSME order covers similar equipment for the Pazflor FPSO under construction by DSME in Korea.
Moments later, smoke and metal shavings appeared from the fairlead sheave--an area that houses the wires used for landing aircraft.