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Synonyms for fairish

Synonyms for fairish

not excessive or extreme

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(used of hair or skin) pale or light-colored


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Possessed of "thick fairish hair, blue eyes, glowing cheeks and strong white teeth," "a combination irresistible to the fair sex" (172), Lionel epitomizes the virile Aryan officer and perhaps mirrors Herman Melville's "Handsome Sailor," the "pristine and unadulterate" object of desire, of Billy Budd, Sailor (331), which Forster had recently converted into a libretto with Eric Crozier (Selected Letters 2:223).
With luck, cunning, and a fairish outlay of cash, you can sometimes buy near-perfect fruit in a market.
The Wearsiders, however, are severely depleted with Paul Taylor, John Toft, Joe Fairish, Harrison Davies, Marc Ellison and Richard Logan all out.
Chris, whose daughter Kimberley, six, had left the school seconds earlier, said: "A woman in her 20s with fairish, red hair had been with the dog.
One was aged around 20, of stocky build with short, fairish hair.
Currently in the mid elevens the index has had a fairish run.
He has a fairish draw and should give a good account of himself.
He's unbeaten in three runs over fences and a line through Sandown winner King Louis makes his debut handicap mark of 140 look just about fairish.
who suffered an untimely death at Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire, and it is said that his shrieks could be heard in Chepstow on the other side of the Severn - a fairish hike.
International call-ups have ripped holes in the hosts' first-choice defence - no, really - but 8/13 still looks fairish and I just can't get away from Bradford.
John Butler, Scott Richards and Joe Fairish are injured, while James Oates is also unavailable.
Marc Ellison and Richard Logan are suspended while Harrison Davies and Joe Fairish will not play again this season.
In Spain "Reserva" will be a fairish indication of quality as will "Premier Cru" for example in France, but in Italy the grading seems just to confuse.
And helping to make that future Glorious, I see, are 'detailed proposals' to revamp Central Square, that appalling eyesore affronting visitors to our fairish city as they emerge from the railway station.