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an open area for holding fairs or exhibitions or circuses

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The agreement follows months of negotiations between Mr Danter, the Vale of Glamorgan council and the Barry Island Development Company, which plans a residential and commercial development on the site of the Dolphin pub, at the entrance to the fairground.
The fairground, surely, should be a fantastic source of inspiration for artists of every variety.
Police said the fairground was closed after the incident.
As Levi (Essex) struggles to keep a grip on his flighty son Jack (Paul-Ryan Carberry) and the failing fairground, he is also forced to battle with his guilt over his affair with gypsy Rose (Louise English) at the time of his wife's death.
Nearly all of the rides will cost just pounds 1 each, which is far lower than fairgrounds have charged in recent years, so hopefully it will bring some much-needed cheer.
The review was commissioned last year after a series of fatalities at fairgrounds and several accidents which left victims seriously injured.
With new management in place at the Fairground and Expo Center and the FMCA meeting on track, there is a "can-do" attitude among the county commissioners and the business community.
Maybe then parents will have peace of mind when their children beg to take them to the fairground.
Earlier this month it was revealed that discussions between the Pleasure Park's owners and the Vale of Glamorgan council about plans for housing and commercial development at the Dolphin pub, at the entrance to the fairground, had stalled, putting the entire development at risk.
Residents from the town's north end say the introduction of noisy motorized special events at the fairgrounds in the last few years is ruining their peace and quiet and have complained bitterly in a public letter-writing campaign.
Eighty-year-old Ray, of Blackhall Mill, Gateshead, has been raising money for charity for more than 17 years by showcasing his model fairground attraction at MetroCentre.
The redevelopment will see traditional fairground rides brought to the Pleasure Park and the immediate lodging of a planning application for an undercover amusement complex on the site which will be open all year.
A fairground ride left a man in hospital with back injuries.
The gate-style metal detectors, borrowed from the Alameda County Fair, will be installed at fairground entrances.
The study objectives include: develop a longrange fairgrounds facility plan, identify suitable alternative fairground sites, short-and long-term cost projections for relocation, land acquisition, construction and maintenance, and utility access; develop information on constraints and options for repurposing the existing fairgrounds; and the identification of environmental conditions and impacts, surrounding densities and zoning, noise levels and proximity to projected growth for the alternative sites.