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Synonyms for fair-minded

Synonyms for fair-minded

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In fair-minded, critical societies--should they ever be realized across human cultures--critical thinking would be viewed as essential to living a reasonable and fair-minded life, as well as taught routinely and fostered consistently.
Americans on both sides of this most difficult of issues should heed Obama's call for greater understanding on all sides and "open hearts, open minds and fair-minded words.
In a statement, Citigroup, Inc said, 'We are pleased to participate with the Federal Reserve Board in a fair-minded, good-faith process to achieve a prompt and successful outcome.
I must tell all fair-minded people that on the basis of his previous statements, Mr Prosor is not interested in debate.
Newcastle supporters have always had a reputation of being fair-minded, but sadly on this occasion they blotted the copybook with their behaviour, which can only be described as unsportsmanlike.
I just read the letter in the August 15 News, where the writer indicated he has been a trial lawyer for more than 30 years and could "count on the fingers of both hands the number of competent, fair-minded judges who understood evidence and the burden of proof required in litigation.
A crown court judge who died in a 50ft fall from his home was described yesterday as a "decent, hard-working and supremely fair-minded man" with the "perfect" judicial temperament.
It shows the vast majority of Redditch people are fair-minded and decent.
She knows her parents to be open, fair-minded, and predictable; she both loves and resents them and their comfortable, somewhat unusual life.
In sum, if Spitzer does overreach, if he is occasionally carried away by his own white-knight image, he's still a man who's at bottom fundamentally fair-minded and genuinely committed to effective public service.
He is scholarly, fair-minded, and principled, and these traits will serve our nation well on our highest court.
HAVING a fair-minded boss who listens can reduce the risk of heart disease among office workers, new findings suggest.
As for the League of the South--a group that has been repeatedly denounced by white supremacist organizations--I simply refer fair-minded readers to Tom DiLorenzo's article "Why They Hate Tom Woods," archived at LewRockwell.