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- Now it began to be settled fair weather. The 7th, 8th,
on the part of the Saxon, with the addition, ``I wish her devotion may choose fair weather for the next visit to St John's Kirk; but what, in the name of ten devils,'' continued he, turning to the cupbearer, and raising his voice as if happy to have found a channel into which he might divert his indignation without fear or control
"For thirty years," he said, "I've sailed the seas and seen good and bad, better and worse, fair weather and foul, provisions running out, knives going, and what not.
After much deliberation and two or three essays by moonlight, Richard ended the affair by boldly covering the whole beneath a color that he christened “sunshine,” a cheap way, as he assured his cousin the Judge, of always keeping fair weather over his head.
And Jack--don't you ever dare, while you live, appear in public on those decks in fair weather, in a costume unbecoming your mother's drawing-room!"
Their wearisome heads went up and down at the same rate, in hot weather and cold, wet weather and dry, fair weather and foul.
"Bear in mind, Sancho, that one man is no more than another, unless he does more than another; all these tempests that fall upon us are signs that fair weather is coming shortly, and that things will go well with us, for it is impossible for good or evil to last for ever; and hence it follows that the evil having lasted long, the good must be now nigh at hand; so thou must not distress thyself at the misfortunes which happen to me, since thou hast no share in them."
Pagasa's Weather Specialist Raymond Ordinario said that although they are expecting generally fair weather, they will still be monitoring cloud clusters over the eastern side of the country.
Meanwhile, Quitlong said Luzon, including Metro Manila, will experience fair weather. He also warned of isolated rainshowers in the afternoon or evening brought by localized thunderstorms.
Summary: First two weeks of May will see fair weather, noontime temperatures at low 40s Monday
While they're usually seen in fair weather, they can produce short spurts of rain.
A generally fair weather and a slightly warmer temperature is expected to be felt in the next days as the north-easterly surface wind flow and easterlies continue to prevail across the country.
Wind speed can increase up to 40-45 kmph at times across the island particularly in Northern, North-central, Uva and North-western provinces and in Hambantota district.Mainly fair weather will prevail over most part of the island.
Therefore, fair weather conditions will prevail in most parts of the Kingdom while it will be moderate in the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea, the Jordan Meteorological Department (JMD) daily brief said.
Fair weather waterspouts are less severe and more airy while tornadic waterspouts are formed in conjunction with a thunderstorm and are stronger, faster, and longer-lived.